We value the reputation and trust of our clients therefore we promise only, and we do that we will be able to execute more than we promise.

Professional Liability

Activity of the company is licensed, all necessary admissions, allowing documents are issued. Affect the rendered services.

Dedicated To Our Clients

Each client is important for us, and we do not carry out any differences between large and small enterprises. We build the contractual relations with people on the basis of honesty and transparency, we do not allow clients to overpay, we guarantee quality, timeliness, unconditional implementation of the undertaken obligations.

Our advantages

• Development. We constantly seek for self-improvement. We support innovations and we create opportunities for creative approach to business. • Responsibility. We realize our responsibility to clients, employees and society, we undertake only those obligations which are able to be executed, and we do everything possible for their performance. • Efficiency. Work is planned and will be organized so that to provide end in a short time. We use the modern equipment, we show consideration for requirements of the customer, we will organize works on an object optimum that allows to try to obtain maximum efficiency. • Unity of team. Command unity the community of values uniting members of the team, aimed at achievement of a common goal. We put the interests of team above personal interests. • Decency. The devotion and honesty are important for us.

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Our company is engaged in design and construction of buildings and constructions of different functional purpose since 2010. The main activity of our company is design and construction of all types of buildings. The volume of the carried-out construction services is quite big: from construction of inhabited and country houses, before construction of cottages, including internal finishing and mounting of engineering systems.

Design and repair

For us both repair of rooms of inhabited assignment, and offices is not a problem. Our highly skilled masters perform repair work of any complexity, from an insignificant renovation of apartments, to the most difficult objects with перво initial design, dismantling, construction of walls, re-planning of apartments, cultivation of all utilities. We will execute any amount of works. And also we with pleasure will provide you individual design.

Design and repair
Interior & Exterior

Interior & Exterior

Since historical times views and ideas of architectural constructions mattered. The interior and an exterior of the building showed how high position of people holds in society. 

Interior and exterior of the house in COUNTRY style. It can be realized not only as the pseudo-Russian style, but also as Scandinavian and American. Now many architects and designers when projecting combine several directions therefore the modern house which is issued in style of a country finally can look the American ranch, the French chalet or the Russian estate. Also modernist style is not less popular presently. In translation from French it means modern. It is the most relaxed and creative style, but without the shouting and bright elements. The most widespread motives which are used in modernist style: wave, swan neck, flower composition, palm branch, female figure, fantastic and mythical animal. One more widespread style of an interior and an exterior of country houses – the GOTHIC STYLE. This style unique, original, is executed generally in dark tones. This style will not be suitable for the small house, and here for a huge cottage – just right. The Gothic style of registration of the dwelling is chosen by people who love luxury and greatness.

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